Activity Kit !

IP Address Tracer Activity Kit (Draft Version)

Steps for the Activity

Look Up your IP Address

  1. Using an online resource to trace your internet protocol (IP) addresses (i.e., or or another of your choosing) look up your IP address.
  2. Discuss whether the IP address reveals any information about you and what an IP address is.

Research IP Addresses

  1. Using online search tools, see if you can find the answers to the following questions about IP addresses. Write down your responses by taking notes.
    • Why were IP addresses developed and what role do they play in helping the internet work?
    • What is the future of the IP address? State three facts about what is IPv6 and why it is important.
    • What personal information does the IP address reveal about you?
  2. If you are in a group setting, take up your answers verbally and discuss them.

IP Addresses of Your Favourite Sites

  1. Alone or in a group, generate a list of your 5 favourite websites.
  2. Look up the IP address of your 5 favourite websites using an an online resource to trace IP addresses (i.e., Identify and collect information about 5 of your favourite websites:

Take notes on the following:

  • Name and URL of website:
  • IP Address
  • City
  • Country
  • Latitude
  • Longitude

Mapping IP addresses

  1. Use a paper map to mark the locations of the IP addresses for websites you have traced IP addresses for. Alternatively, you can use a service like Google maps to create your maps digitally.
  2. Examine your map and explore the discussion questions through independent reflection or in a discussion group.


  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Computers
  • Web Access
  • Paper map or Google account(s) if creating a Google map


  • Do you think an IP Address is personal information? Why or why not?
  • Were there any websites that you tracked which masked their location information? Why would this be important?
  • Were there any websites that you tracked where the location information, such as the city or country, was different from where you thought the site should be located?
  • Can you find any statements on whether an internet company or government agency considers an IP address to be personal information?
  • Have you heard of any news stories involving IP addresses? What issues were at stake?